Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Acai Berry – Also Called “Mega-Berry”.

You’ve heard all there is to hear about the new ‘mega-berry’. The acai, pronounced “ah-sigh-ee” is the great super food coming out of the deepest darkest Amazon basin in Brazil.
The Acai Berry does in fact provide several critical health benefits and is commonly known to:

  • Flush Out Harmful Toxins and Flatten Your Belly
  • Increase Your Metabolism
  • Increase Energy – Reduce Fatigue
  • Relieve Joint and Arthritis Pain
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Fight Free Radicals and Diseases
  • Help Prevent Cancer and Leukemia
  • Improve Mental Clarity

The Acai berry’s antioxidant properties, in addition, also assist in averting the vascular and heart disease. That is why the pulp of the Acai berry is extensively used in the making of dietary supplements and various other products that are a major part of natural remedies.
The best way to enhance your immune system is to tweak your diet. Load up on fresh vegetables and fruits like the acai berry for a sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes. Acai contains antioxidants that protect the cells of your immune system from damage by toxins in the environment.

So what can we tell you if you want a version of acai that isn’t frozen or in an ice cream?
Unless you live near the Amazon it’s unlikely you are going to be able to buy Acai berries directly. The berry does not hold up well to transport, so it is most often sold as acai berry pulp , Acai berry supplements like Acai Cleanse Ultra, for example and so on.
What if you want it in pill form so you can get the benefits while working out at the gym or sitting at your desk? There is no problem, you can get it in the medicine stores on-line that a various but be careful to bye 100% product.
Acai health benefits are numerous. But not all acai products are made equal. Pick the ones that do not contain caffeine or sugar. Supplementing your diet with acai berries, drinking lots of water, and sleeping well can substantially improve your immune strength.