Wednesday, June 29, 2011

High Blood Pressure Treatment

Home remedies for high blood pressure play a major role if the person's health condition that makes him ineligible for the drug or drug. Such a condition is pregnant. We all are aware that drug for pregnant women to ingest drugs affect the baby she is carrying in the womb is considered inevitable. 
Alternative to conventional drugs and pregnant or lactating mothers hipertension effectively, the availability of home cures confusion can address. The number of alternative drugs to the drug and its side-effects of drugs and harshness without the need for the development of the child. Not more than Basil, fennel seeds, honey, with onion, Cayenne, one half of lukewarm water, Indian gooseberry, mixed peppers and a cup Spiegel seeds, including home remedies are available.
Just walk on the green grass that your feet are soaking in hot water for an average of fifteen minutes of home remedies for high blood pressure are recommended because they tend to promote proper blood circulation.

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Milena said...

I would like to remark that high blood pressure or hypertension is a hidden disease, as a person may notice no visible symptoms. However, the disease can gradually lead to the serious problems with heart. Therefore it is recommended to pass each year medical control. But in case you are searching for an effective medication to treat hypertension, get more information about Diovan - an anti-hypertensive drug widely prescribed by physicians.

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