Thursday, August 11, 2011

Herbal Medicines

The scent, flavour, or therapeutic characteristics are the three main usage of herbal plants. Most of the herbal medicine products are food supplements that many individuals take to boost their health. Over the years, the functions of herbal medicines has evolved. Some of them are now used to prevent or cure serious illnesses such as heart and lung diseases,arthritis, and even certain kind of cancer.

Most of them come in forms of capsules, juices, teas, powders, extracts, and dried or fresh plants. Although they receive a worldwide recognition for their effectiveness, it is still recommended to ask the expertise of the doctors since herbal medicines may counteract the effects of the doctor’s prescribed medicines.

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Milena said...

Well, herbal products are sometimes more useful than real medications. For example green tea is very effective if you want to be in good physical shape.

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