Friday, January 22, 2010

"a healthy mind in a healthy body"

Being at my latin class, in college, just something really impressed me and it was a simple proverb: "Mens sana in corpore sano" The intended meaning here is that only a healthy body can support a healthy mind, so we should strive to keep our bodies in top condition.It is a a sharp call for personal perfection; finding limits and moving beyond them; developing a powerful and beautiful personal presence.
In this Blog I wanna share all my knowledges related with health and beauty in general and particular subdivisions. I'll try to broach healthy and relaxing sports, healthy food,vegetarian life, alternative medicines, beauty and even make-up tips...
Let's start a healthy life that doesn't contain diseases, depression insomnia...that will be out of stress and any disorders.
I hope each of you will be interested in my topics and will add something interesting for me as well.
Improving our knowledges we'll become healthier and more informed about our personal bodies...which means we are taking under control ourselves as a whole and the brain in the best way.

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