Friday, January 22, 2010

Meditation on positive thinking

Let's start from's very important to think positive and to believe that Yoga, Meditation and other mental and soul discipline really helps, Do not be skeptic, there is a power inside you that will help you if you'll start to develop and to believe in it.
Here is a meditation on positive thinking :
I sit relaxed
And begin to harness the power of my mind
For this meditation
We will allow the natural thoughts To flow
I have a thought that I am a peaceful positive being
I create the thought that I am a positive individual
And I maintain positive thoughts in every situation
I seek solutions to problems
And I focus in on the answers And not on the problems
I constantly fill my mind with positive powerful thoughts
I focus to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts
So that the light of positive thinking empowers me
These real thoughts bring a good feeling in my mind
I am a powerful positive being
I am a being of light
And as light I am carefree
As light I am beyond the dramas and chaos of those around me
My only important task is to be powerful in positive thinking
When I have tension I am creating positive thoughts
I do not experience any tension
I am positive powerful being of light
I am an eternal being of light
Any thought that is negative I let it pass
And keep the shining powerful mindset in place
I constantly generate positive powerful thoughts
Positive powerful thoughts are those of an eternal nature
They are who I really am
Just an eternal wonderful, radiant being
Of positive energy
And in this light my positive mindset cannot be shaken
By any adverse or negative situation that is around me
For I am the lighthouse
Shining within the storm of negativity of the world
But this powerful light I will forever keep ignited
And I let love be the eternal oil
That fuels this eternal flame of light
And a love to keep myself illuminated
By this meditation
That I will forever practice.

I hope you will enjoy it.
be healthy! relax.


Viorika said...

There's a great amount of Indian philosophy books that will let you comprehend how such meditative and rehabilitation activities like yoga were born. Yoga is a philosophy on it's own that puts your mind in peace with your body, letting you achieve spiritual heights unknown to you before. All yoga gurus are people of spiritual wealth with no need of great material satisfaction, because that is what holds us back from seeing beyond the surface. So for those who want to uncover the secrets of yoga I suggest trying to read first, before going to a yoga class. Indian philosophy teaches you to believe in the power of spirit and it's unlimited possibilities. Positive thinking is guaranteed :)

Valeria said...

Totally agree with the comment posted above. I used to go in for yoga for about 5 years. It's something which goes beyond our everyday way of thinking. Yoga helps to take mind off daily routine, fosters the predominance of spiritual things over material.

yogaspot said...

The process is basically designed to carry us away from the impressions created by our thoughts and senses so that we are able to knowledge everything in its truest form. Meditation helps to overestimate the world perception.

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