Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dandruff-discomfort through centuries

One of the greatest problem people are fighting with is dandruff. Year by year in the drug stores appears more and more shampoos and medications against it. Some might help...other not, however they are expensive and not all the time effective.
Dandruff is an itchy skin disorder of the scalp that develops during the normal growing process of the scalp's skin cells. 
What causes dandruff? 
The exact cause of seborrheic dermatitis is unknown. Most experts do know, though, that it is not caused by poor hygiene.

  • Not enough hair brushing
  • Dry skin
  • Seborrheic dermatitis (irritated, oily skin)
  • Not enough shampooing
  • Certain skin conditions 
  • Some illnesses 
  • Reaction to hair/skin care products
  • Malassezia
  • Diet
  • Mental stress 
  • HIV
There are a lot of naturalist remedies from all over the World, that helps us get free of this dilemma:

  1. Massaging of pure apple juice and thrice the quantity of warm water is good treatment of fading away dandruff.
  2. Applying gently warm coconut oil mixed with one hundredth of black pepper is very good remedy for treating dandruff. 
  3. Applying two table spoon of cosmetic vinegar and six table spoon of hot water on the scalp with the help of cotton swab and leave it over night. After that wash it with herbal or a mild baby shampoo.
  4. Massage the scalp with almond and olive oil for five minutes, leave it for some time and then rinse off to get the dandruff free hairs.  
  5. Apply hot olive oil or sesame oil on the scalp at bed time. Now an hour prior to the bathing rub lime juice mixed with the cosmetic vinegar on the scalp. Wash and rinse your hairs properly. For the last rinse use lime juice and warm water. Follow this process for about 3 months twice a week. This will surely help in relieving from dandruff. 
  6. Beet root crushed in henna paste is good in preventing dandruff and hair fall when applied on head. 
  7. Take a palm full of baking soda and rub it on your wet hair. Wash it off with water. The baking soda should relieve the itching and help in reducing the problem of dandruff.
  8. Mix 100g witch hazel and 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice in 200ml water. Shampoo your hair and apply with cotton to the scalp when the hair are still wet. Repeat several times until the dandruff is treated.
  9. Giving sufficient exposure of sun to the scalp is another important method of getting rid of dandruff
  10. Last rinse with the lime juice is beneficial for hair fall an dandruff condition. 
It is an  unlimited list of naturist benefit for your scalp, but I can surely say that at least one of it will help you to get rid of dandruff or at least, to prevent it's appearance.
As well , to be healthy outside, you should take care of your inside, too.So one should be very particular about the diet and should stress on food stuff like fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds, raw nuts and cereals.
Avoid using red meat, sweets, strong coffees and teas, candies, aerated drinks like Pepsi and coke, pickles and spices. 
Be healthy, Get rid of it.

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