Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Herbal Medicines and Remedies

Every day you are looking in the mirror and smile...”I am so beautiful today”you say to yourself...You are taking care of your skin, you are fighting the impurities on it, trying to get rid of wrinkles and so on. But the exterior beauty comes from the inner health.Did you asked your body whatever it likes or not? Do you think it likes all the medications you are trying to impose to it when you are sick? All the drugs you are swallowing might heal one disease and at the same time can attack another organ, therefore- another desease will appear.
It's not a secret that Herbal Medicine beats all the records in treating and keeping you healthy, strengthens the immune system.
For such medicines and remedies kitchen is the best place to start.Open your refrigerator...fruits, vegetables...a wide polygon you will perform your activities on :)
A wide problem for each of us is the Headache, so let's see what remedies to use:
* Boil some hot water and add some ground cinnamon and sugar and mix. Pour in a cup and sniff the steam. That is what you do if it is a sinus headache. If it is a tension headache, pour some of this sugar cinnamon water into a tightly closed ziploc bag and press to the area where your head hurts. This is great for the kids!
* An effective headache treatment is ice applied to the forehead and the temples--we have used bags of frozen peas and frozen gummy bears, but any frozen object will do as long as it is not unbearably cold to hold against your head.
Sore Throat 
* A cup of juice from a beet ; Tablespoons of honey; Mix together and heat in the
microwave for about 1 min. Drink up.
* Take a glass of vinegar (regular, store bought) and gargle it all (in small increments) getting it as far back into the throat as possible without swallowing. If throat pain returns, repeat.
* Charcoal- which will have anti-inflammatory response and will draw toxins out of the tooth. Must be activated charcaol. make a charcoal poultice
* Hydrogen Peroxide works like a charm, not so much as for me but everyone swears by it. make a solution of half HP and half water and swish it for a minute or till you feel a displeasing taste in your mouth. Spit it out and optionally swish your mouth out with salt water.
And so on..there are thousands and thousands of such remedies. For those who do not have time for doing it I suggest you to see my favorite herbal medicine Site.
Herbal home remedies and natural treatments are simple, have no side effects, contribute to weight loss ,no chemicals,are inexpensive, plus the delight of being able to cure yourself!
Take care of your organism! Be healthy!:)

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