Friday, April 9, 2010

Healthier Smoke - E-Cigarette

Today's most interesting news about cigarettes and smoking as a whole is that famous electronic-cigarette that people are interested in.Some says that they are absolutely healthy , others- that it is the same as an usual cigarette.In the beginning let's see what is it comprised of.
So, it has 2 critical components: the stem and the cartridge.
The stem makes use of micro-electronic technology to sense your inhalation on the e-cigarette. When the small sensors pick up on this, a small amount of heat is generated to heat the cartridge.
The cartridge is where all the magic happens. The cartridges come in a variety of flavors and strengths, to fit anybody’s tastes. The e Liquid cartridge contains small amounts of nicotine, satisfying the smokers needs.

It contains :
The vapor produced by electronic vaporizers has only four ingredients; Distilled Water, Kosher Flavoring, pure Vegetable Glycerin and pure Nicotine from tobacco plants.
Electronic cigarettes simulate every part of smoking a cigarette. While physical and emotional effects are extremely hard to deal with when quitting, but smoking is also a simple matter of habit. Many smokers enjoy the actual act of holding a cigarette and inhaling something. The smokeless vapor produced by electronic cigarettes allows you to do this, with out most of the harmful tars and chemicals added to your traditional tobacco cigarette
Lots of smokers are undecided whether to purchase e-cigarettes or not there is something you need to know: electronic cigarettes have more advantages over tobacco cigarettes. Surprised? Read on to find out what they are.
  1. Although e-cigarettes give has it's own specifically smell, it is not strong and bothersome like the regular cigarette.
  2. Second hand smoke does not exist in the electronic cigarette vocabulary. They only give off a vapor called propylene glycol which is made of the same components as those produced on stage shows except that they are being produced only in smaller quantities.
  3. Since it does not generate harmful smoke, you can smoke in places you are not usually allowed to however, you better ask for permission for it in non-smoking locations.
  4. Garbage reduction. Electronic cigarettes use e-liquid as a refill for the plastic cartridges every time you run out of it. No need to throw anything away.
  5. Since electronic cigarettes produce vapor instead of harmful smoke, you will not find traces of tar in it.
  6. The e-cigarettes do not stain the teeth and still leave you with fresh-smelling breath.
  7. E-cigs do not burn anything! You can feel safer at home, or anywhere you go.
  8. It is a lot cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. If you utilize the e-liquid for refill, you would be spending 300 times less than smoking regular cigarettes.
Obviously not all smokers will be able to quit with the help of electronic cigarettes. There is not one solution for everyone, which is why there are so many methods of quitting smoking, but for some, electronic cigarettes are the best solution. Even if you don’t fully quit, you’ll be happy to know you are satisfying your nicotine habit in a much safer way.